Pre Competitive Training Program

Pre Competitive Training Program:

  • Group training by the level: Elementary 1 and 2 class
  • Individual teaching: Coach with Swimmers ratio: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 & 1:4

Dusky Dolphin (Elementary)

Elementary 1 - 75mins

  • Introduction of the basic diving on the pool deck
  • Introduction of basic¬†somersault
  • Learning the correct butterfly pulling
  • Learning the correct butterfly coordination with and without flippers
  • Develop the correct breaststroke to swim longer
  • Learning the correct freestyle breath for both sides
  • Introduction to increase distance swimming for freestyle and backstroke

Elementary - 90mins

  • Introduction of competition events and knowledge
  • Learning the diving on the starting platform
  • Learning the freestyle somersault and other strokes to perform hands touching and turn from the wall
  • Introduction of 100m and 200m IM and other strokes except for butterfly techniques.
  • Learning the basic drills for all strokes and refining the strokes
  • Learning the proficient in distance swimming
  • Develop the correct butterfly technique, to enable swimmer to last longer
  • Increase the effectiveness of breaststroke technique
  • Build up swimmers’ confidence to be competition ready